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Shane Vandegrift


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Who Am I?

Good question! I sometimes wonder that myself.

I am a {age}-year-old full-stack Node.js developer with a passion for frontend development. I enjoy having too many projects, crazy ideas, and excessive humor (haha). I mainly work in the web, although I branch off into random backend projects with Node.js or Deno. I have a constant flow of ideas so there is never nothing to work on!

I also manage a dev & tech community called TurboFish (formerly Responsive). I work on podcast episodes and host fun events. TurboFish is a place for me to live out my dream as a "successful" community manager while failing at social media.

What Am I Doing?

I am currently working for the Support Team of Replit (started in June 2021) as a full-time employee. My job is to manage the entire support process from beginning to end. I fiddle through emails looking for reports of interest then debug those reports to turn them into tickets. I also take care of billing and payment processing (so many refunds...).

A fun quirk of being a developer is that I also have a good understanding of the infrastructure and can work on my own tools for the support team along with mostly understanding the debugging and bugfixing process!

My Specs

A few bullet points for the recruiters out there (if so, hello!):

  • {exp} years of full-stack NodeJS, Svelte, and Frontend experience
  • Multimedia and Creative experience
  • Support and Debugging experience
  • Strong communication and technology skills
  • I work well with a team (but who needs 'em?)


A class countdown system I built for my High School. It is still operational and still recieves updates. Classaware was the first widespread project I had created in my coding career.


My own take of the CLUI created by Replit. A command system and accompanying web client built with Svelte. One of my first open-source projects and one that I enjoyed quite a bit.


Blogs are super important for communication, but it's difficult to keep one up to date. I have finally overcame the "its not good enough" problem and have created a blog using Hashnode. Enjoy!


That community I talked about in my bio. If you haven't read it, TL;DR: It is a dev & tech community that I run. It has a podcast and other fun stuff.

Ratio Timer

A pomodoro-like timer for tracking your productivity. I built this to help people keep track of their work & break hours in a dynamic and responsive timer.


The thing you're looking at now. It took me various iterations over the years to finally get this right. I actually spent quite a bit of time wireframing and designing this to make it look awesome!